Rexroth AZPB-10-002LNY02MB Pump

Catagory:Rexroth AZPB-10-002LNY02MB

external gear pump

Material Number:


1.External gear unit:(What is External gear unit ? )

External gear pump

2.Series:(What is Series ? )

1 cm³/rev … 7.1 cm³/rev, Standard Performance, Platform B

3.Direction of rotation:(What is Direction of rotation ? )

As viewed on drive shaft Counterclockwise

4.Drive shaft:(What is Drive shaft ?)

Tang drive M, Y

5.Front cover:(What is Front cover ? )

2-hole flange ⌀32 mm with O-ring, for attachment to Series F

6.Line connection:(What is Line connection ? )

DIN 3852-T1 metric thread

7.Sealing material:(What is Sealing material ? )

NBR (nitrile rubber)

8.Rear cover:(What is Rear cover ? )

Without valve (standard)