Rexroth A A10VSO 45 DFLR/31R-VPA12L70 Pump

Catagory:Rexroth A A10VSO 45 DFLR/31R-VPA12L70 Axial piston variable pump

Material Number:


1.Axial piston unit:What is Axial piston unit?

Swashplate design, variable, nominal pressure 280 bar, maximum pressure 350 bar(18,28,45,71,88,100,140)

2.Operating mode:(What is Operating mode?)

Pump, open circuit

3.Size (NG):45(What is Size (NG)?

Displacement, geometric,per revolution :45(Vg max cm3)

   Rotational speed maximum :

a)at Vg max:2600(nnom rpm)

b)at Vg<Vg max:3100(nmax perm rpm)


a)at nnom and Vg max:117(qv max l/min)

b)at nE= 1500 rpm and Vg max:68(qvE max l/min)

Power at Δp = 280 bar:

a)at nnom, Vg max:55(P max kW)

b)at nE= 1500 rpm and Vg max:32(PE max kW)

Torqueat Vg max and:

a)Δp = 280 bar:200(T max Nm)

b)Δp = 100 bar:72(T Nm)

Rotary stiffness of drive shaft:

a)S:37500(c Nm/rad)

b)R:41025(c Nm/rad)

c)P:41232(c Nm/rad)

Moment of inertia for rotary group:0.0033(JTW kgm2)

Case volume:1.0(V l)

Weight without through drive (approx.):23.5(m kg)

Weight with through drive (approx.):25.1(m kg)

4.Control device:What is Control device?

Pressure,flow and power controller(28,45,71,88,100,140)

5.Series:What is Series?

Series 3, index 1

6.Direction of rotation:What is Direction of rotation?

Viewed on drive shaft clockwise

7.Sealing material:(What is Sealing material?)

FKM (fluoroelastomer)

8.Drive shaft:What is Drive shaft?

Parallel keyed shaft DIN 6885 permissible through-drive torque (18,28,45,71,88,100,140)

9.Mounting flange:(What is Mounting flange?)

ISO 3019-2 2-hole(18,28,45,71,88,100)

10.Working port:What is Working port?

SAE flange port fastening at side, opposite(18,28,45,100,140)