Rexroth A A10VSO 18 DFR /31R-PPA12N00 Pump

Catagory:Rexroth A A10VSO 18 DFR /31R-PPA12N00 Axial piston variable pump

Material Number:


1.Axial piston unitWhat is Axial piston unit?

Swashplate design, variable, nominal pressure 280 bar, maximum pressure 350 bar(18,28,45,71,88,100,140)

2.Operating mode(What is Operating mode?)

Pump, open circuit

3.Size (NG):18 (What is Size (NG)?

Displacement, geometric,per revolution :18(Vg max cm3)

   Rotational speed maximum :

a)at Vg max:3300(nnom rpm)

b)at Vg<Vg max:3900(nmax perm rpm)


a)at nnom and Vg max:59(qv max l/min)

b)at nE= 1500 rpm and Vg max:27(qvE max l/min)

Power at Δp = 280 bar:

a)at nnom, Vg max:28(P max kW)

b)at nE= 1500 rpm and Vg max:12.6(PE max kW)

Torqueat Vg max and:

a)Δp = 280 bar:80(T max Nm)

b)Δp = 100 bar:30(T Nm)

Rotary stiffness of drive shaft:

a)S:11087(c Nm/rad)

b)R:14850(c Nm/rad)

c)P:13158(c Nm/rad)

Moment of inertia for rotary group:0.00093(JTW kgm2)

Case volume:0.4(V l)

Weight without through drive (approx.):12.9(m kg)

Weight with through drive (approx.):14(m kg)

4.Control deviceWhat is Control device?

with flow controller hydraulic X-T open(18,28,45,71,88,100,140)

5.SeriesWhat is Series?

Series 3, index 1

6.Direction of rotationWhat is Direction of rotation?

Viewed on drive shaft clockwise

7.Sealing material(What is Sealing material?)

NBR (nitrile rubber) only if using HFA, HFB and HFC hydraulic fluids

8.Drive shaft: What is Drive shaft?

Parallel keyed shaft DIN 6885 permissible through-drive torque(18,28,45,71,88,100,140)

9.Mounting flange: (What is Mounting flange?)

ISO 3019-2 2-hole(18,28,45,71,88,100)

10.Working port:What is Working port?

SAE flange port fastening at side, opposite(18,28,45,100,140)

11.Through drive: (What is Through drive?)

without through drive(18,28,45,71,88,100,140)