Rexroth A A10VSO 18 DFR /31L-PPA12N00 Pump

Catagory:Rexroth  A A10VSO 18 DFR /31L-PPA12N00  Axial piston variable pump Material Number: R910948228 1.Axial piston unit: (What is Axial piston unit?) Swashplate design, variable, nominal pressure 280 bar, maximum pressure 350 bar(18,28,45,71,88,100,140) 2.Operating mode:  (What is Operating mode?) Pump, open circuit 3.Size (NG):18   (What is Size (NG)?) Displacement, geometric,per revolution :18(Vg max cm3)    Rotational speed maximum : a)at Vg max:3300(nnom rpm) b)at Vg<Vg max:3900(nmax perm rpm) Flow: a)at nnom and Vg max:59(qv max l/min) b)at nE= 1500 rpm and Vg max:27(qvE max l/min) Power at Δp = 280 bar: a)at nnom, Vg max:28(P max kW) b)at nE= 1500 rpm and Vg max:12.6(PE … Read more